MSM – Recent Ad Matching Experience


Last week I was picking up a few things at WalMart and was going to price match a few items. The cashier I got was still requesting to see the ad because the price I was giving her was half of their price. ($0.25 instead of $0.50.) Even though they claim to not require ads anymore, she was suggesting I bring it with me if I’m going to try matching a price that low. I didn’t argue with her, simply said where I’d seen the price and she did end up giving me the lower price since it was so little money.

I just wanted to share that with you, incase you too get a difficult cashier. The experience you have price matching can vary so much by the cashier you get. You just need to do your preparation ahead of time, be knowledgeable of the policies, and confident. Maybe next time I will bring the ad with me if it is a large discount.


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