Mid-Week Cooking – Baby Style


To be honest… very little “meal” cooking went on this past week. Being the last week of the month and having run out of grocery budget money, we made due with what we had! Funny thing, “what we had” turned out to be a GIANT steak, so it wasn’t like we were starving. But there was lots of cereal to be had as well! (A Peak Into Our Lives: Craig and I usually have a bowl of cereal at night when he gets home from work before we go to bed… that’s what happens when you have dinner at 8 and are up til 1am. It used to be peanut butter sandwiches. We go in streaks.) 

But I did make some food for Liv, preparing for the weekend. (Craig and I are leaving Liv home for the first time while we go away. Yikes, I’m so nervous.) Anyway, I wanted there to be plenty of options for Liv’s meals while I’m gone to make it easy on my mother-in-law. But, like I said, grocery money was low. So, here’s what I made:

3 Carrots: Cut up, steamed, pureed, froze

3 Potatoes: Cut up, boiled, mashed, refrigerated (she’s been eating those this week)

1 Butternut Squash: Cut in 1/2, scraped seeds out, face up on plate in microwave, covered in plastic, 8 minutes. Scooped & Pureed.

1 Acorn Squash: Cut in 1/2, scraped out seeds, face down on pan in 1/4″ water, baked @ 400, 35 minutes, buttered top, broiled 10 minutes. Scooped & Pureed.

While I’m here, any mom’s have any advice on getting little ones to like cow’s milk after weaning from breast-milk???


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