MSM – never pass up free stuff


This post is different than where I was going with the last one Money Saving Monday posts, but I can’t ignore it.

Our family… Liv actually, has been BLESSED by hand-me-down clothes lately. It has happened three times in the past three weeks! Give us this day our daily bread? Give us this day an all you can eat buffet! Thank you Whitney, Thank you Steph, Thank you Linda! I’m not even sure if any of you read this blog! Early in Liv’s life (before she got as big/bigger than her friends) we were super blessed by Amanda and her daughter Zoe’s clothes. It’s always fun when the free clothes are a similar style to what you’d pick out. :D So there was a stretch in there where Liv didn’t have many options, but THAT WAS OKAY TOO. Then Grandma Nancy came and did an awesome 2nd hand store shopping spree. Thanks Mom! It takes a whole village, right? And Liv has been taken care of. Thank You!

So, this may not seem to be much of a “Money Saving” post, but I’m seeing the benefit and generosity. Trust me, I’m not keeping ALL of the stuff for myself, I will be passing it on, so watch for some tubs to show up at your house!

circle of clothes, piled by size NB thru 2T

Starting this at 9pm last night, worked on it over 4 hours. Then another hour+ this morning. It was a little sentimental!

Otherwise, I won’t usually buy new clothes or pay full price for new Liv’s clothes. I don’t like paying full price for clothes for any of us! I usually buy 2nd hand, or use coupons if I have them. There are some local consignment stores or sales for Liv. But for adults, I like Plato’s Closet, ever been? But I kind of think we should just pass our clothes around like we do with kids clothes! I know I have clothes I’m just sick of, but that are still perfectly wearable. Anyone else?


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