MSM – time spent, money saved


Thanks for the comment after last week’s MSM (Money Saving Monday) post Jennifer. Organizing coupons by expiration date is a great idea. I get pretty sad when I realize a coupon I wanted to use has expired! But I get so excited when I get a good one, that I don’t wait long to use it. But then sometimes I’ve used it too soon because later I could have paired it with a sale! Ah well. 

A while back, this question was asked, “how much time do you spend a week doing this stuff”

I think one could spend A LOT of time doing it all. This past week, I tried to pay attention, so I could answer this question accurately.

I spent 20 minutes looking through the ads of 5 stores that I get in the mail, making my list for price-matching. Making a list for shopping ahead of time definitely saves me time at the store!

I spent 2 hours (without baby) shopping at WalMart, Target, and a quick trip to Hobby Lobby.

I spent $23.18 at WalMart, but saved $8.49 through price-matching and 2 coupons. (Best deal I think from this trip was a $0.99 cantaloupe price matched from ALDI.)

I spent $29.69 at Target, but saved $8.83 by using 6 coupons. (Best deal this trip was getting 2 Right Guard deodorants for $1 each by combining a sale, with a store coupon and manufacturers coupon.)

It is hard to say exactly how much time I spend online checking out latest coupons, because I follow money saving blogs that let me know about coupons, and am checking that periodically throughout the day. Probably a couple hours / week if you add up all the random minutes?

But I think you can spend as little or as much as time as you want. Any amount of savings you can conjure up will help! I love handing over a $1 coupon, because that is $1 cash I get to keep in my envelope! Using cash has made using coupons more fun because I can literally see keeping a physical dollar and handing over a coupon instead. Pretty exciting. :) Using cash may be a separate future post.

So, here’s where you come in, how much time do you spend on money saving efforts? Or what do you do to save time on these efforts?


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