Planning Liv’s Party


Liv’s 1st birthday is so exciting. We just love her so much and want to celebrate her life with friends and family. Her birthday falls on Saturday this year, so we can celebrate on her day, which is fun. Our house is much too small for gathering more than about 8 people, and our outdoors is not ready to welcome anyone, so we’re having it at another location!

I am hoping a lot of our family and friends can come for it, so I want to make sure we have a welcoming, fun party for everyone! I understand if they can’t make it every year, I haven’t made it to every birthday for all of my NINE nieces and nephews! So, we’ve reserved a meeting room at a hotel, and also using their pool. Liv loves the water! And this way, the nieces and nephews that come can have a good time too. I’m not saying we’ll do something like this every year, but this is pretty special! : )

First birthdays are very fun, but I put too much pressure on myself. My last year in design school, while realizing I didn’t really want the professional life, my friends said, “Well your kids will have the best designed birthday invitations around!” So here I was, getting ready to start planning Liv’s birthday and I had that pressure! (I should say, I put that pressure on myself!) Liv, being an 11 month client, doesn’t have a lot of input or direction for me. Hence the poll from a couple weeks ago. Hence the poll from a few weeks ago.

Well, you saw what I ended up with:

A cute illustration of a girl with a dress and bow. That’s my little girl! I am going to attempt a cake that shape. Am I crazy? Craig think so. I’ve never made a carved cake before. I’ve made the template. I’m going to do a whole post on the cake after the party. We’ll see if it is a success or a flop!


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