Coupon Tips


A couple weeks ago, I was sitting down in my sister’s living room, with her and my mom, chatting. I had brought my stack of coupons I pulled out of the Sunday paper. (I chose to spend $2 on the Sunday paper that week because I’d heard P&G was going to have a big insert! They did! I have already recouped my investment.) As I was clipping the good ones, spending way to much time cutting on the lines, I was talking about couponing and realized, though I’m fairly new to couponing, I have already gathered a bit of knowledge and would like to share them with you.

  • Like my sister said, she has more money than time right now, and I have more time than money. So you have to decide for yourself, how much time you have to invest in saving your family money through ad-matching and coupon clipping.
  • Coupons are most effective when you pair them with a sale going on in the store!
  • You CAN pair a manufacturers coupon with a store coupon! Another great way to multiply savings!
  • Find out when your local stores are having a double coupon day! Then, your 50 cent off coupon becomes a $1 off coupon! How sweet is that!
  • Sign up for free stuff! They’ll often send you a coupon for the sample item you’ve received! These coupons are often higher value than the ones you’ll see in the paper.
  • Try your ‘back’ button, or reloading the page, it may allow you to print the coupon multiple times.
  • If you have more than one computer at home, each computer can print their limit!
  • If you find an online coupon you want to use, print it right away. Oftentimes, they have a print limit, and once it is reached, they lower the offer, or remove it from the internet!
  • Keep them organized, I use an expandable wallet type. My friend (who is much more experienced and gets the paper) uses a baseball card collector’s binder.
  • If you forget to use a coupon, or find one after you buy the product, you can bring in your receipt and the coupon and get the money back! I’m not sure how soon after the purchase you have to come in… each store probably has their own rule on this. But I’ve done it at Target! So nice!
  • After you have made your shopping list, check a coupon database, like this one, to see if there is a coupon out there for the item.
Well, these are what I can think of right now, but as I think of more, I’ll keep a list for a future post. Do you have any tips on couponing you’d like to share with us?

One thought on “Coupon Tips

  1. I sort my coupons by expiration date (that’s what works best for me), and I made a set of folders to file coupons in by folding up the bottom third on 12 pieces of cardstock (one for each month). For the current month, I’ll actually sort the expiration date by the day, but I just stick the coupons in the month for future months. That allows me to clean out coupons I don’t use quickly, see what coupons are expiring soon, and prioritise coupons based on expiration- our grocery store’s double coupon day only doubles five coupons, so sometimes I get more out of a coupon if I wait to use it later.

    I find it helps if I have a limited space for stockpiling. It is certainly cheaper to buy things when they are on sale and I have a coupon than when I’m about to run out, but it doesn’t really save money if I buy toothpaste for $.25 if I already have a year’s supply of toothpaste. Having a set amount of space makes it easier for me to balance getting a good price with getting only what we’ll reasonably use.

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