Mid-Week Cooking


I have done very little cooking this week. Partly, because I have not had a big desire to (just that kind of week), and partly because Craig has wanted to. I am so lucky to have a husband who is willing and actually enjoys cooking himself. :) He is also in charge of the grill and with the new warm weather, we have taken advantage of that. Side note: Our grill is one of those little ones… that you usually use the mini gas tanks with, but we have a big gas tank. So our tank is like 2x the size of our grill and looks a little strange. Maybe someday we’ll upgrade to a “grown up” size grill. :) 

Anyway, we’ve Craig’s made this week:


Green Peppers were priced well at ALDI this week 3/$.99, (ad-matched @ WalMart) and we had everything else we needed! We are stingy with the steaks we have (thank you in-laws!), always saving them for special occasions, so we used a chuck roast. Craig cut and cut and cut and cut it up. :) It made for a little different taste, but was not bad at all. I grew up putting soy sauce on kabob’s because we didn’t marinade or season them much, that I remember. So I love putting soy sauce on mine. Give it a try! Shake some of that salty goodness on your kabob after you bring it in and get it on your plate, it is so good! We used 1 green pepper, 1 onion, 5 or 6 small-ish? potatoes (softened in the microwave), and meat. This meal ended up being four meals for us, 2 each.


We used what was left of the meat, 2 onions and 2 peppers to make Fajitas! I already had cheese and sour cream, but I did have to pick up tortillas. This meal ended up being four meals… Craig had it 3 times, but did not complain. :) For this, we Craig, followed the directions on the back of the fajita seasoning packet, simple stuff. Saute veggies, set aside, cook up meat, add seasoning & water, add veggies back in. Yum!

Next up:

I am making my friend’s Beef Pot-Pie recipe as I need to use up some carrots and potatoes that I have. Recipe to come!


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