A Liv Update!


What is Little Liv up to lately? She is quite busy! She is learning new things all the time and of course I think she’s pretty smart. ;)

  • She has begun to hold her interest for a little longer… she will sit and watch Cat in the Hat or other PBS cartoons for a few minutes with bursts of play and back seeing what’s on TV. (and she knows when the music is coming and makes sure she’s there to see it and dance.)

  • She LOVES music and dancing. I would say that may be her favorite thing right now. I think she sings a little, but only “Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh” sounds a little like a monkey, but it is different from her talking voice.
  • She is a getting very good about walking along things and transferring from one object to another, even letting go to transfer. But she won’t let go for too long. She will stand and hold an object for a moment, but isn’t too confident in that yet.
  • She will walk as long as she is pushing something.
  • She’s good (and selective) at giving kisses, and has ZERO teeth. (She is 10 months and 2 weeks)

  • She likes banging her hands on things and making noise.
  • She is getting into things she shouldn’t… need to invest in drawer and door locks.

  • She is waving hello and goodbye (same motion)
  • She signs “all done” (looks a bit like her wave)
  • She shakes her head no at us (learned that from me I think)
  • She does this cute thing with her tongue, sticking it in and out while making noises… a bit hard to explain.
  • She has begun the clingy stuff. Sometimes I love it, sometimes not so much. ;)
  • She loves water! Always wanting to be in the shower with whoever is showering, wanting to play in toilet water – gross!?, spill her sippy cup water and play in it, play in dishwasher water, etc
  • Her hair is growing and growing!
  • Her feet are so fat we have trouble with shoes already. She has started to love pulling off her socks.
  • She loves her babies and anything with a face.
  • She loves to see the pictures we take of her.
  • She is 23 pounds, and I need to measure her…
  • Her eyes are still blue and so expressive.

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