Leaving Your Baby… !?HOW?!


This is an impromptu post, forgive me.

Here it is: I don’t have any trip planned, but would like to! :D (Craig and I’s 5 YEAR wedding anniversary is in a few weeks… that is crazy in itself!)

But the thought of leaving Liv for more than a few hours makes me really sad.

How do you do it moms? I think staying home with her every day makes this harder maybe? Maybe not. I think the longest I have been without her is maybe 6 awake hours? I cried. So, I’m looking for advice. How can you make it easier on yourself? What have you done, how’d you do it? How old were your babies when you went? Thank you for any advice you have!


One thought on “Leaving Your Baby… !?HOW?!

  1. Amanda

    The first time I was away from Javen, he was about 8 months old. It was for 2 nights, just a little getaway for Justin and I! I most definitely cried when we dropped him off and grandmas house. BUT, the thing I kept reminding myself was how crucial it is for my marriage to be strong and thriving. Kiddos can be such a distraction from good, intimate conversation during everyday life. Sometimes getting away to reconnect is needed! I’m the long run, mommy and daddy being deeply in love will be far more beneficial for Liv (and you!), and I bet you will even return as a better mommy too! :)

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