Happy Easter


We missed seeing our families, but had a great day celebrating with our church family and friends. I know this year, God is reminding me of the JOY Easter should bring to me, knowing I do not have to die the death I deserve for the sins I commit (daily / hourly!) against my Creator, my husband, my friends, and all people He loves. God chose to take the death that I should have to pay, and made a way that I don’t have to pay! Jesus death was for me, for you, for my little Liv. Sadly, the best way I can understand what has been done for me, is imagining my student debt being paid off for me, by someone else. I can’t imagine the joy I would have for the rest of my life if that debt was paid, not cancelled, but SOMEONE PAID IT FOR ME!

 One day I hope Liv understands what Jesus has done for her.

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