Coupons: where I get them


As I’ve said before, I do not subscribe to a newspaper, so I do not get the ads/coupons that way. So, how do I use them if I don’t get them in the newspaper, where do I get them?

Here are some ways I find coupons:

  1. I signed up to get’s weekly email that includes links to printable coupons from:,, and other good deals
  2. I check for Target coupons occasionally
  3. We get an Entertainment book of coupons each year from Craig’s work.
  4. I print some coupons from Swagbucks, even though they are the same from the other websites, I receive 10 Swagbucks each time I use a coupon I printed there. (I may talk about Swagbucks in a separate, future post.)
  5. I signed up for Proctor & Gamble’s Brand Sampler.
  6. I follow some money saving blogs that often post when company’s have good coupons out with links to print them, and their own coupon databases so you can see if there IS a coupon out in the world somewhere for the product you want. (But often, you need to have printed them when they were released, or received them in the newspaper.) (I’ll do a separate post on those money saving blogs later.)
  7. Before going out, I’ll often check a store, restaurant or brand’s website for their current coupon, for example Hobby Lobby, or Hardeez, or Farmland. Sometimes you need to signup for their e-newsletter in order to receive their coupons. But you can always cancel if you get annoyed by their spam.
  8. I recently stumbled upon these, organic product coupons at Mambo Sprouts. Everyone knows how expensive that stuff is!
  • I’m not on Facebook, but I know you can get some high value coupons by liking them on facebook and stuff like that.
  • I also think you can contact a brand you want like and ask them if they can send you coupons, but I’ve never done that personally.
Does anyone have any other ways they get coupons?
I will do a post on some Tips for couponing in the future too. Do you have any questions you’d like me to cover about coupons? Not that I’m an expert, but I do like saving money and getting a deal, so I’m working on growing in my understanding of the world of couponing!

2 thoughts on “Coupons: where I get them

  1. Matt

    I like using Google Reader to consolidate quite a few “coupon mom” websites/blogs in one place. I’ll check it once in awhile and star the ones I want to save and print or look at later. Here’s some of what I follow:

    Baby Cheapskate — Baby Cheapskate Alerts
    Common Sense With Money
    Coupon Cravings
    craigslist | baby & kid stuff in quad cities, IA/IL
    craigslist | cds / dvds / vhs in quad cities, IA/IL
    Deal Seeking Mom – Top Deals Free Stuff Grocery Coupons And Deals
    Freebies 4 Mom
    Get It Half Off!
    Groupon » Chicago
    Groupon » Des Moines
    Little People Wealth
    Money Saving Mom
    The “Cent”sible Sawyer
    The Freebie Blogger
    Twitter / amazonmp3 Dining & Restaurant Offers for 52803

  2. Kiley

    This was an interesting post since I stopped getting the paper, too! Here’s a question – how much time do you spend a week doing this stuff?

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