DIY: Basement – Part 2


To refresh your memory on our basement project, see this post. Grandpa Teddy has been working hard the past few days with a little help from Craig in the mornings. The last time they worked on it, they opened up walls, moved pipes and such out of the way, made the landing, and planned the next step. The next step happened to be new steps! They got the new stairs in and busted out the floor in the entryway! Until things are in a little bit more “ready” in the basement, we’ll have a trap door of sorts closing off the stairs.

Right now the guys are working on putting a floor in to close of the old stairs in the bathroom, to create a closet out of what used to be the door to the basement! I assume then they will take out the old stairs and make the walls of the stairway. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get these stairs moved! No longer will one have to lock the someone in the basement while they shower or pee!

Due to construction noise, I have a bit of a headache and Liv is not napping right now, but other than that, all is well and is a small price to pay for progress!


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