First ‘Money Saving Monday’ Post: Ad-Matching Update


I did one Money Saving post, when I talked about my first ad-matching experience, but today marks my first Money Saving Monday! I hope you enjoy this series. If you have any questions, or suggestions for a post, just leave me a comment and I’ll share my opinion or experience.

I would like to follow-up on how ad-matching is going. I have continued to ad-match, so I guess it hasn’t scared me away yet! There have been a couple big changes in the world of ad-matching. Target began matching prices, which caused WalMart to up their game, and they have now begun to ad-match without requiring you to show the competitor’s ad. (Each cashier is supposed to have a list of the advertised prices, but I’m not sure if that’s being executed or not.) So you may want to continue bringing your ad with you just in case.

At Target, it has to be identical items, (i.e. no store brand to store brand matching), you need to show the ad, and it all needs to be done at customer service. Now, this week, I only had a few items that looked to be priced low enough, from the ads, so I brought my ads in when I went to Target. I was going to price match a 12 ct. box of Pop Tarts for $2.88 at HyVee, while I was there getting some other things, but it turned out they had the same item on sale for $2.75! So I didn’t have to bother! Way to go Target. :) When I do price matching there, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have ad-matched at WalMart a few more times and I’m starting to get the hang of it! It really helps to have Craig along to help organize the items in the cart by store. It has gone really smoothly as long as I have prepared before we go. Here’s what I do:

Monday, I get the HyVee ad in the mail. I go through and circle the items I think look like good prices that we use.

Tuesday, I get the rest of the ads in the free “Southwest Iowa Shopper” Fareway, ALDI, Super Saver and NoFrills. *I don’t subscribe to a paper, so I don’t get any other ads. However, you can view most store’s local weekly ads on their websites. I’ve thought about asking for a subscription to the Omaha World Herald Sunday paper, but it is $103, and that seems like kind of a sad birthday gift! I go through the rest of the ads, circling well priced items we need. (I would then suggest making a weekly menu based on the items you have in your kitchen and items on sale that week. I have not mastered that step yet.) I then make my grocery list, organizing it by stores I’m ad-matching from, including all the necessary information, like weight / count, and price.

Current Example:
Sweet Potatoes, $0.33/lb, ALDI
Pop Tarts, 12ct box, $2.88, HyVee
*Jimmy Dean Sausage, 16oz, $1.88, HyVee Drugstore.
* = coupon… I currently have a coupon for $1 off 2 Jimmy Dean Sausage rolls. That makes each roll of sausage $1.38/lb, not amazing, but pretty good I think? (I’m still learning what “good” prices for things are.)

Then, when I have time, I go to the store, picking up items and organizing them in my cart by store. When I check out, right away I tell the cashier I’ll be ad-matching, so she doesn’t start ringing them up without me telling her the prices. It feels really good to be the one saying ‘this is what I’m going to pay for these items’ instead of the store telling you! I just have my list in front of me with the prices right there, so it moves pretty quickly. I have definitely seen a savings in our grocery budget since starting this, as well as using coupons, which I’ll cover in a future post. I think I will start to see even more savings as I plan our menu around the week’s deals.

If you live in other area’s have you asked any of your local stores if they price match? Have you had any success or seen savings from price matching? Any questions? Clear as mud? Do you like this idea? Do you think I’m crazy? Leave a comment! (Comments are listed in the column to the right, in case you want to see what other people are saying!)

Happy Saving!


One thought on “First ‘Money Saving Monday’ Post: Ad-Matching Update

  1. Rachael

    I’m inspired and scared. It seems hard enough to look through the hy-vee add, plan a menu and go shopping, but I think it helps to view this as part of our “job” as a SAHM. We are given a budget/income for the family and we have to be smart about how it is spent. I’m going to try it. Thanks leah- this is a good idea for a series!

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