anyone have a time machine?


No pictures with this post! They are all blurry because she doesn’t sit still much anymore! Soon though, promise.

I can’t believe how fast Liv is growing and changing. Just three weeks ago she took her first awkward crawl. Now, she’s cruising all over the place! I think she loves her new freedom. One of her favorite things to do is crawl in a circle around our coffee table, between our couch and coffee table, through a very narrow space where our feet usually are! She often stops in the middle of it and looks up at us, sometimes sitting up right there where there is hardly room! Ah, so cute.

She’s also started pulling herself up on things… when Craig went in to get Liv from her crib this morning she was standing up waiting for someone to come in. Just 5 days ago she was sitting up on her knees! Today she was standing at the door looking outside at daddy, standing under my drying rack, will stand up to her feet if you hold her hand, etc.

She’s also figured out how to feed herself puffs. Just yesterday when I put her in her high chair, there were some on her tray and when I came back with her food, I thought there were fewer and didn’t see any on the floor, but I wasn’t sure. But sure enough, this morning when Craig fed her this morning, she was feeding them to herself!

She just seems like an older baby now, it is hard to explain, but it is in the way she “talks”,  the way she looks at us, the way she reacts to being tickled, etc. She’s started to (sometimes) give kisses! We’re working on waving, saying momma and daddy, and baby sign. I’m sure all those will come soon too.

No teeth yet though! Should I be worried?

“The days are long, but the years are short” right moms?!

***Please continue to pray for our friends the Klausers. A decision will be made about their adopted baby Caleb soon, updates here.


2 thoughts on “anyone have a time machine?

  1. Amber Kmoch

    Hi Leah –
    I wouldn’t be worried one bit about the lack of teeth. If I remember correctly, your niece Bennett didn’t get hers until near a year old. It seems Aaron and Liv are flip-flopped; Aaron has two bottom teeth (as of 2 wks ago) but is only rolling around on the floor for movement (and just started rolling both ways last week). Liv doesn’t have teeth, but is a crawler already! It is amazing how quickly they are growing, and I am so blessed (as I’m sure you are too) to be able to stay at home. I’d miss so much of Aaron’s love and development if I wasn’t home all day.

    Take care!

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