I’m Back! (mostly)


This week has been a pretty exciting for me. After having Liv, I was tired of wearing the same few maternity clothes for months on end, and ended up buy three pairs of size 8 jeans. Something I didn’t think as much about were my tops not fitting either! Argh! So, needless to say, clothes and I haven’t been the best of friends for… about a year now! BUT slowly I’ve been able to wear more pre-pregnancy clothes, a few size 6 pants I had in my closet, then a few 5s, then a couple 4s and this week, I got my tote of old jeans and tried them all on and was so happy to find that I could fit in most of them! I am back to within a couple pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight!


The pile on the left FITS! The few on the right, not yet. I must say, they don’t fit quite the same as they used to, but I will take it! It took 8 months, but I am so thankful. It isn’t the number, it is the all the options I have again! I know I am fortunate so I want to shout it from the rooftop and celebrate. I know the weight doesn’t come off easily for everyone but the gift is worth it, isn’t it! I must say though, mentally, I’m still not back. That might be harder… even though the numbers are back… visually, I still struggle.

Thank You Liv, for teaching me lessons I am not ready for, changing my body, and changing my life. I love you!


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