Thanks for Praying – Please Continue


Here’s an update on the Klausers – it is a little encouraging, but Please Keep Praying!

“Let me start off and say that words can’t express how grateful Nate and I are for all your prayers. Reading your comments and seeing you spread our prayer request around the world really provided so much strength. Not only strength but a praise. As of late afternoon Mariah stated that she wanted more time to make a decision. The praise is that Caleb will remain with us for now. Therefore, your prayers have helped move that mountain.
Yet we need that mountain to be thrown into the sea. Here’s why, Mariah still doesn’t know what she wants to do. Therefore, everyday we are anxiously having to wait to see if she calls asking for him to be returned that day. We were told due to potential extensions this could go on for over six months. My baby could be five months old and twenty nine days and we loose him. My day was full of sorrow, pain and sickness with the thought of him being two months, I can’t even begin to imagine six months old. Therefore, we ask that you continue to spread the prayer chain in that Mariah would open her heart to the confidence of adoption that she had seven months ago. Pray that she would sign rights tomorrow during her meeting with the social workers so that closure can be put into place. Please also pray that Mariah can heal and this adoption doesn’t become a battle for Caleb, but something that joyfully brings two families together.
Thank you again for praying and please don’t stop helping Caleb forever be a Klauser.”

And feel free to visit their blog and leave an encouraging comment or check for updates. THANK YOU for joining me in praying for them, Our God is ALL POWERFUL!


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