Most of you probably already got an email from me about this, but just incase I missed someone, I wanted to invite you too. If you like to shop online, look here at Zulily, they have deals each day up to 70% off. Cute stuff. See?^

Here’s my official invite:

Okay friends – I don’t send out junk mail – promise! I picked you to send this invitation to because I thought: 1) You have kids, 2) You are going to have a kid,  3) Are a relative to a kid, 4) Or love kids (okay, that makes it everyone) 5) You liked to save $ (great daily sales at up to 70% off)

Signing up is free. They’ll probably send you an email once and a while, but I assure you it is worth it. I was looking at the deals today and with all my friends having babies right now, there are some great gift ideas. Sorry Liv, I’d love to get you something too! I will get $15 in credit when you make your first purchase, which would be sweet, but I also just really like the site and wanted to share it with you!



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