She’s 8 Months Old!


Well, our little one is getting to be quite the big girl. With her gaining mobility, you can usually find her getting into something she’s not supposed to, usually cords. She is a joy and I wish I could slow things down, but love seeing her learn new things and enjoying life.

I would like tips from you mom’s out there on how to get little one’s to eat more. I know she’s certainly not starving, but sometimes she wakes up earlier than normal in the morning starving. We nurse before each solid feeding and have 5 of those per day. She seems to be like me and want variety at meals. I don’t know why, but she will act like she’s done, but really she’s just tired of what she’s eating and wants something else. Is that normal? And if she acts like she’s done, she’ll almost always eat a little oatmeal. Any ideas moms?


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