My First Ad-Matching Experience


Liv and I went on our first ad-matching trip this afternoon. After dad went to work, we got ready to go. I had a couple other errands to run as well and by the time we got home, it was time to wake Liv up from her nap… needless to say, she missed that nap, but was such a trooper. She really likes to sit in the cart like a big girl and enjoyed herself quite a bit., as did many older ladies, who thought she was pretty cute. Well yeah! : )

Here she is loving her first experience in the front seat of the cart. : ) Not from today’s trip, but you get the idea.











You may remember this post. Well, I am making a real effort to do the coupon thing. I would like to share my experience with you all. I’m sure you’re just dying to hear about it. HA!

I talked to my friend Erica who is a super-duper coupon user and she said the way she saves a lot of money is to ad-match at HyVee. So, I asked our local HyVee if they ad-matched and they do not. :( This meant if I wanted to go the ad-matching route, I’d need to either drive to Omaha to the store that does ad-match (doesn’t make a lot of sense), or do it after church (Liv is usually ready for a nap though), or just suck it up and go to WalMart. I really despise WalMart, but if that’s what I have to do, that’s what I will do!

Monday – we got the HyVee ads. I looked through it… didn’t see much, threw it away. Craig and I had talked previously and decided ad-matching sounded like too much work, and weren’t sure it was worth it.
Tuesday – the Southwest Iowa Shopper came… I looked through it, saw the state of our bank account, and decided to try ad-matching, knowing it was going to be a lot of work. I pulled the HyVee ad back out of the trash.
Wednesday – I spent the day going through online coupon sites, printing the ones that were things we buy. I also went through each of the store’s ads: Aldi, Fareway, Super-Saver, No Frills, and HyVee circling things that were good deals, that we needed, that I had coupons for, and I made a list, by store, of the items I wanted to get, their prices, weight, etc.   *side note: I did not leave the house from Sunday night to Thursday morning due to the weather.
Thursday – not pay-day yet, so I couldn’t do any big shopping, but HyVee was having a 1 Day only sale, so I went and picked up just a few things there.
Today, Friday – I packed Liv up, brought my  list, ads, coupons, and hoped for the best. I picked most things up. A couple of things were actually cheaper at WalMart, than the deals I’d written down. *side note: Someday I hope to have built a good mental database of “good prices” for everything… but I think that will take me some time, especially because I can’t remember from one trip to another! I should probably start a list. I finished my shopping and headed to the checkout lanes. I spotted a couple of supervisors and told them I’d be ad-matching and asked them to send me to an aisle that would be good, aka patient, helpful, intelligent. I informed the people behind me, that I may take a while because I’d be ad-matching and that it was my first time. I also had a little girl who wanted to take things off the conveyor. :) But the lady behind me didn’t seem to mind, and I think Liv kept her entertained. I put things on the counter in the order of my list, organized by store, so I could tell her the prices. She didn’t ask to see any of the ads, which was nice, that would have taken much longer. I gave her my coupons at the end. It went pretty well, there was only one disagreement. In one of the ads, there was an offer: ‘buy 10 participating items and get $3 off’. She wouldn’t accept that offer and I think she was supposed to, but it was my first time, and I was not ready to stick up for myself.


Overall, I thought it went pretty well. I was SPENT by the end. If I was a drinking gal, I’d of had a drink when I got home. Instead, I put on leggings, had a “real” diet coke (with caffeine) and 4 cookies! Anyway, hopefully I find that lady again. She could do quick math, didn’t question me, and was quick & friendly. *side note: I really struggle with making people wait. If I’m in a line (e.g. redbox), making people wait, I’ll often leave, just so I don’t have to make them wait.)

Some of the good deals I got today: Avacados for 0.29 each instead of their sale price of 0.78 each (originally $1.27 each!), 4 Totino’s Party Pizza’s for 0.98 each with a $1.25 off coupon, totaling $2.67 (instead of their price of 4 for $5!), Kraft American Singles, 2 packs for $2 (instead of their price of $2.68 each!)… many more, but those were some of the best.

Next time I think I’d like to have Craig along or leave Liv at home… not that I can’t or won’t do this again, but it’d sure help out! :)

3 thoughts on “My First Ad-Matching Experience

    • dad

      i watched a program on t v, a 60 minutes type show where a man and wife were coupon clippers. they almost made a full time job of it, a lot of it on computer, they had a garage full of products, more than food stuff, i wondered what they were going to do with it all. he could have started a store from what they had on their shelves. what amazed me was that he had figured out ways to almost have a cart full of stuff at little cash paid. what a deal. have you got on the groupon web site.

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