DIY: Basement – Part 1


Gotta love it when the inlaws come to town! On our drive home from Christmas with the family, Craig and I talked and talked and talked about all kinds of things, one being our little home.

Background: We purchased this home in March 2009 with the understanding this wasn’t going to be our ‘forever’ home. It is just not big enough! We have worked hard improving this gem in order to sell someday and make some profit. We have much to do yet before selling and as Liv grows, her things multiply and she’s becoming more mobile, (No, not crawling yet.) this house is feeling smaller fast!

Since we are not ready to sell, but need a little more breathing room, we decided to finish a room in our basement as a playroom. I got excited about this idea right away. One reason for my excitement was that part of this project included moving the stairs OUT of the BATHROOM and into the entryway where they belong! As awkward as that is, I’ve also been waiting to finish my entryway until we moved the stairs, so I know that will soon follow. Being a single income family of 3, this project may move slower than past projects, but I know we’ll get it done!

Craig’s dad came to get started on some demo down in the basement, and his mom and I made some more baby food! But, I had a ‘since you’re here’ project for Ted too! Remember the kitchen? We finished some detail work that just makes me so happy to have completed!

The kitchen, the way it looked when we bought it.

smoothing that frosting texture

yay! quarter round! or corner round as I often call it.


Thank you Ted!

Baby food! I was feeling like Liv was in a bit of a rut with her food, eating the same 6 things over and over again. (we are limited by what is in season and her age) With turning 8 months old, comes a few more foods that are safe for her to eat. So, I bought a few new foods. I’m probably crazy and she’ll probably never eat any of it, but we made: Parsnips, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Eggplant, Cantaloupe, and more pears and apples.

Here is a picture of the doorway and stairs to the basement, just to show how weird it is to have them in the bathroom! We have to lock the guys in the basement when they’re working if we want to use the bathroom!

And some pictures of the progress downstairs!

under the current stairs, there used to be a wall there. now this will be a hallway back to a powder room.

this is a view under the current stairs. there used to be a wall there. this will be a hallway to a future powder room.

there used to be a wall there, this is where the new stairs will land

ceiling shot. they had to put that metal brace on the beam... yep. that's what I know!

doorway into future playroom, opened up... need to move some pipes.

same doorway from inside the room

doorway & opening to the left will go away. doorway on right will stay.

the "sunken room" aka the playroom. lots of work ahead!

Thanks guys for working so hard this weekend, and Lori for all your help and amazing meals!!


3 thoughts on “DIY: Basement – Part 1

  1. dad

    you have made a lot of progress on the stair remodel project, i wondered if any extra supports would be needed. love the kitchen, ted does great work.

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