Babywise, a hot topic

I really like this stage of my life. So many of my friends are also having children and I love that none of us have to do it alone. *I also want to say, that many people I know also are having difficulty having children and I want to be sensitive to them as well, because I do not take for granted the life we were given and have such a heart for those who are struggling through that. I do not know the ways of our Lord, and He is mightier because of that. I must trust He knows best.
At a shower I was at recently, we were asked to give advice to the beautiful mother-to-be. In my advice, I included ‘reading the book, Babywise.’
I should have known better than to verbalize that bit of advice in a group setting. Another mother in the group disagreed, and then I just wanted to either shrink into a hole or debate and defend myself. So, since I have this platform, I’m going to share my experience with Babywise! Feel free to comment your thoughts at the end of the post!
When I was told about Babywise for the first time, at my baby shower :), my friend said ‘It is not for everyone. It depends on the mom’s personality.” She followed the book’s recommendations and loved it enough to suggest it to me. I dismissed it at the time, but kept it in the back of my head. The second time I heard about it, it was from a church friend who said ‘Has anyone suggested Babywise to you? Forget about it.” She also said, “It is a love it or hate it book.” The book’s reputation got me intrigued. The third time I heard about it was from an old friend, this time, a dad! He swore by it and what I remember from when he explained it to me is “a book that teaches you how to understand the baby’s different cries.” He even demonstrated them. :)
So when it came time for me to be home with Liv and learn what to do with her, I read the book. A couple ideas the book is based on are: that you should put your baby to bed awake, it is okay to let your baby cry (*for a little while, knowing they aren’t hungry, have a clean diaper, are not hurt) and that the parents knows best. Obviously, I liked what it said and how it helped me, or I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends. I am a planner, a scheduler, etc, so the practices the book suggests work for me. I appreciated knowing what my day was going to look like, knowing when it was safe to leave the house with Liv, when we needed to be home, etc. I also agree with the idea the book suggests, that a baby appreciates the schedule, and I’d say Liv is a happier baby because of it. Very quickly, I was no longer needing to set an alarm on my phone or watch the clock, because Liv was waking up (happy) at the exact right time for her next feeding.
Later on, I was informed by yet another friend, and babywise mom, about a blog that follows the book, and it is a great resource as well. I have also checked out, Babywise II (5 months+) from the library and read it as well.
I know parents-to-be receive plenty of advice from all directions, but I was glad to get this advice and wanted to share it as well. You can, of course, take it or leave it, and I will think nothing less of you if you decide it is not for you.

Crazy Daddy put me in his sweatshirt with him! What's going on!?


5 thoughts on “Babywise, a hot topic

  1. Michelle

    I loved Babywise… I first read it when Gunnar was 4 months old and not sleeping through the night yet… I realized the mistakes I was making by putting him to bed asleep all the time and quickly made adjustments that made life so much easier/better for both of us! I felt so much more prepared once Conrad and Bennett came along!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 1) I may not be a mother, but I thought your words at the shower were thoughtful and well received 2)I loved getting to see you and meet beautiful Liv! So great. 3) I hope it doesn’t creep you out that I knew so much about your new life … that’s what blogs are for, right? ;) Glad you got home safely. I WILL read BabyWise someday, when I have a baby, that is.

    • leahseydel

      Oh Krista, I wasn’t creeped out! I was more flattered! I follow your blog too!! :) It was fun to see you again! I wish it didn’t happen so infrequently!!

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