Liv… 7 Months Old!











Liv turned 7 months old on Tuesday. I told her she was now over-the-hill. Her first little half way hill. Our little sweetheart is as sweet as they come.

We have a couple mirrors in her room, I think I’ve posted some photos of her by them before. One is hanging on the wall and one is sitting on the ground. When she wakes up and we pick her up and she is super happy, she LOVES to look in the mirror and try to touch the faces (hence all the finger prints). She also love to sit in front of the mirror on the floor and smile at ‘the baby in the mirror’ and scratch the frame. She just really loves to scratch everything. Is that normal??? She also likes to pick up the mirror, even though it is bigger than she is, but doesn’t know what to do with it once she has picked it up. :)







She loves to laugh when we laugh at her, especially when we throw our heads back and laugh. Or even if we make a teddy bear or baby laugh and throw their head back, she laughs. So fun.







Another thing we love to do with her, is when we walk up or down the stairs she holds her hand out to touch/scratch the textured wallpaper. It puts a huge smile on her face if you slow down or stop so she can touch it.







We also always stop at a little window in the stairway and look outside for a minute. She loves to look out with us. We talk to her about the weather, the sunset, the squirrels, ask her what she sees, but she just smiles and looks at us, then looks outside, then looks at us, then looks outside. So precious. It is my “stop and smell the roses” time. I cherish that time. She hasn’t been much of a cuddler lately, so gotta hang on to the moments she’ll give me. She’s not crawling, we work on it, but she just ‘kicks & swims’ or does ‘hands & toes’. I’m sure she’ll get it soon enough, but I know she’d be a happier girl if she could move around.

Getting pictures of her is proving more difficult the older she gets. :)


4 thoughts on “Liv… 7 Months Old!

  1. Aaron scratches everything too, so yes, I believe it’s normal! :) Isn’t it amazing how lovely they are at this age? Not that they weren’t before, but I am really enjoying this age! Happy 7 months, Liv! Also, you’re welcome for those couponing sites. Let me know if you have any further questions. I really enjoy couponing/deal finding and would be happy to share anymore knowledge.

  2. Amber

    Hi again, I forgot to mention: I exchange coupons with a few of my friends. I’d be happy to include you in the exchange and send you some in the mail occasionally. In fact, I have a big stack right now, if you want me to send them to you in the mail? If you’re interested, you can email me your mailing address.

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