Back to Normal Life


Now that the holidays are over, no more traveling, and daddy’s back at work (officially now as Assistant Manager!), we’re working on getting life back to normal. With Liv getting older, (7 months on Tues!) and the start of solids, our schedule has changed a bit. Liv needed more calories than she used to in order to sleep as well as she had been. We tried a few different schedules, and are trying out nursing + solids at: 8, 12, 4:15 and 7:45 with naps in between and bedtime right after the last feeding. It is still taking some time, but I think it will be good for us for now.

Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately. I just haven’t been in the mood to share my crazy thoughts. Mostly because I’m a little stressed out about finances. (oh the woes of this world, huh? We know God will provide what is really needed in this life, but yet I stress when things get scary tight.) We are still working out the adjustments of life on one income. We are starting Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class tomorrow with a few friends. We would like to save money and pay off our debt, which, other than our relatively small mortgage, is only school loans. “Only” is kind of a funny way to put it, since it is quite a large amount. But we’re happy not to have credit cards or car loans.

We have also decided that we need more time to get our house to the point where we can sell it and get max profit. So, in order to not outgrow this house, we’ve decided to finish a room in the basement as a play room… while on one income, while trying to save money… while trying to pay down debt… Not great timing, but as Liv become mobile our house is going to seem small very quickly!

So, anybody have any money saving tips for me? I have already lamented the loss of my favorite coffee drinks. We aren’t eating out anymore. We don’t have cable. I’m trying to keep the thermostat down. We use cloth diapers and make our own baby food. Hey wives and mother’s out there have any things to share that you do to save money?

I know I need to learn to use coupons. I use them occasionally, but I know they can be more effective. I think my mom was annoyed with coupons when I was growing up, so I didn’t learn to use them or appreciate them. My opinions on coupons are 1) I never see coupons for the things we actually buy, 2) I’m not sure if we’re willing to change brands 3) I don’t want to use coupons on things we wouldn’t buy anyway.  Can anyone out there change my mind?

There you go, that’s the honest truth about what is going on here! I sit here in the evening while Craig is at work thinking I just need to stay home and not cost us any money!

On a lighter note, here are some pictures of what Liv has been up to!

pretty girl in a christmas gift outfit

just loungin’


hey cutie

blurry because she was attacking the phone, but had to include it because she's so cute in my hat

4 thoughts on “Back to Normal Life

  1. Have you considered being on WIC? I’m not sure what your husband’s income is (if it would qualify), but I have found WIC to be EXTREMELY helpful for us! Because I am nursing, we gets lots of adult food, and Aaron gets TONS of baby food. They do supply baby cereal and jars, but will give you ‘regular’ food if you are set on making your own baby food. Being on WIC has sliced our grocery bill in half, at least, if not more. I know not everyone is comfortable being on assistance, but for us, it is VERY helpful! I also coupon frequently. Some blogs/sites to start looking at are: and Hope these help!

    • leahseydel

      Thanks for the comment Amber! I had looked into WIC, but we do not qualify. I will have to check out those blog / sites though!

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