DIY: Baby Food!


Earlier this month, my mother-in-law came to help me in my first adventure making baby food. Not only do I think it is better for Liv (and probably tastes better ) it is also much cheaper than store bought! On the menu: (fresh, organic) Sweet Potatoes, (fresh) Butternut Squash, (fresh) Carrots, (fresh) Avacado, (frozen) Spinach, (frozen) Green Beans, and (frozen) Peas. It took us probably 4 hours one day, and she lovingly finished it the next morning while I was still asleep! Our progress was limited by the number of ice cube trays, even though we had eighteen!

The more trays the better!

My helpers! Actually, they did more work than me.

Occupy the baby with toys.

Baking the butternut squash. I’d never even bought it before.

Scooping it out of the skin

Puree the crap out of it.

Fill ice cube trays and put in the freezer

Divide into freezer bags

Bananas are a favorite

But not as favorite as sweet potatoes!

Make-shift bib when the others were in the wash. We now have a wipeable one!




























We were supposed to do avacado, but they were all bad. Since then, I bought a single one and she ate it, but didn’t really like it. I have also made some pears since then, and she ate them, but didn’t super love them either. Surprised me! I thought they were good! I also purchased Organic Oatmeal Cereal powder to try since she was allergic to the rice cereal I made her. She likes it alright and hasn’t had any effects to it. It is also really handy to use the store bought cereal (unfortunately, because it isn’t the economic choice) because you do not have to cook it, just mix with warm water or breastmilk. If I ground up my own oatmeal or rice (which is what I did before) You have to boil it and simmer for 10 minutes. Not something I want to take the time to do each time I feed her. It is often a filler after I’ve given her other things and she’s still hungry, so I’m not going to make her wait 10 minutes… she’d go nuts.

Anyway, she has tried the sweet potatoes and the carrots that we made that day. I’m waiting on the peas and green beans because their skins left a thicker texture to the puree. Next up, probably squash or spinach. We have bets on the success of the spinach; when we made it, it was pretty nasty. I will let you know how that goes over.

*Oh yeah, and the website I use to reference baby food questions is


2 thoughts on “DIY: Baby Food!

  1. Rachael

    Proud of you leah! Good job. When I gave my babes spinach I had the best success mixing it with cereal and adding a little onion powder. Also mixed it with pureed chicken.

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