A post-Christmas post!


We gathered with Craig’s side of the family on the 18th. It was good to have everyone together again. We met at Pizza Ranch and remembered the last time we were all there together was May 2008 to say goodbye when Craig and I moved to Washington! So much has happened in those 2.5 years! Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures from this day! Thanks Lori, for getting one of our family for us though!


Liv's face makes me laugh, and how she was holding Craig's face. I think she was looking at the fan.

We got together with my side on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is always fun to get together with all now 7 nieces and nephews. It is especially fun to have two little girl cousins to play together! Liv is so lucky! There is a video of the two of them here, check it out. Here are some photos from Christmas Eve at my brother’s house.


Liv's cousin Claire just wanted to hold her, but Liv wasn't playing along very well.

Liv with Aunt Rachael

Grandpa Larry and Baby Liv. We decided she has his (big, workin' man) hands, poor girl!

I had a good time helping my mom get the meal ready Christmas morning. I made a green bean casserole, something I don’t usually do because Craig is allergic to green beans. Can you believe that? How sad. Anyway, I made it from a recipe on tastespotting.com. Have you heard of it? Great website for recipes! I had never made or eaten a green bean casserole made with fresh green beans. I will never make it any different! Here are some pictures from Christmas Day at my sister’s house.


We'll just pretend she's smiling in this picture and not about to do this...

Her schedule was all out of wack. Next year she may enjoy the gifts more. Thanks for the clothes Ris!

Tired Girl

My siblings and I

We are so thankful for family, and the love and support that our families are to us. Thank you all for a Merry Christmas! Love you!



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