Liv’s Christmas List… or mine?


As a child, I thoroughly enjoyed making my Christmas list. I remember the giant JCPenny catalog coming in the mail and flipping through it until it nearly fell apart. I would make a detailed list of my wants, including page number, description, size, price, etc. If I was a kid nowadays, I’d make on on the computer (of course) with links on where my parents could purchase these things. You know, to make it easier for them. : )

I sense the grossness of that story. I do not think it healthy to have so many wants like that, especially around Christmas, when that is not the point. I’d like to change culture, but that’s not about to happen. All I can do is work on myself and my household. Can you believe I’m going to follow this up with a list of things I’d like to get Liv for Christmas? Truth is, we’re not getting her anything for Christmas. So I guess this is just a dream list, but that doesn’t make it any less gross. Truthfully, some things are needs and some things are wants. Kids grow, she won’t fit in the 4 onesies that still fits in for long. I notice her getting bored more and more quickly with the things I have to entertain her with. But I probably just need to start getting more creative! Anyway, here is Liv’s list… or my list for Liv:


One thought on “Liv’s Christmas List… or mine?

  1. Rachael

    Once Upon a Child is a great place for new toys- I found my #1 want for Holland there for $7.50- it would have been $30 at Target!

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