No Pressure Blogging


So, the longer it is between blog posts, the more pressure I feel to recap and make up for lost time. In order to free myself from that burden, I’m just going to break the ice and do a blog already. Perfect or Not. Okay, definitely not.

Our little Liv is going to be 6 months old on Saturday! My oh my oh.

Some of what she’s up to:

1. She’s been rolling over for a while now, but started rolling back over just after Thanksgiving.
2. She’s laughing. not that cough laugh, but real laughing. Grandma Lori helped show that this past weekend (video soon)
3. She sits up by herself on the floor and plays. She still falls backwards sometimes… like tonight at Advent. whoops.
4. She loves to jump, also not new, but something you should know if you ever hold her!
5. In the car, I like to think she’s singing with me.
6. She will lay in her crib chatty for much longer than she used to when she wakes up.
7. She’ll play with a sippy cup… just kinda chews on it.











8. She is interested in what you’re eating, which brings me to #9…
9. We tried rice cereal (video soon). Unfortunately, I think she had an allergic reaction… rashes and stuffy nose :( I guess we’ll be waiting on that.
















10. Rocks back and forth on her knees, but doesn’t go anywhere.
11. Grabbing your nose, lips, glasses, hair
12. She scratches everything! herself and any new surface
13. She started this whiney cry. She makes the face of a cry, but just does this whine thing. Driving me crazy already.
14. Also not totally new, but she grabs her pacifier and puts it in her mouth herself.

She’s getting her own sweet personality. There is nothing like getting to know a new little person!

Craig’s mom came to help make bulk homemade baby food. This was planned before Liv had the reaction to rice cereal, so I’m not sure when we’ll get to them. (a whole post on that process soon)

This week Craig and I had the flu. Most of Craig’s throwing up happened while Liv was asleep, but she had to watch me. She looked so confused, poor girl.

In one of the books I’m reading, it says 6 months is a good time to stop using a pacifier because their need to suck isn’t really there anymore. But I think if we took away her pacifier, we’d have a lot of this, which I’m trying to avoid.

And that ends my post,
so there. ;)

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