DIY: Magnetic Notepad


I had “magnetic notepad” on my shopping list. I figured I could make one pretty easily and saw this today, which gave me the final push to do it. Here are the step by step directions!

First, the supplies:
Print the free lists or make your own! (I printed 11 pages in two colors of paper)
heavy cardboard for backing
needle and thread (I used wax covered thread used for book binding)
an awl (I used a tiny screwdriver and hammer)
paper cutter or scissors
2 binder clips
magnet (you could use a free one from your tax guy, Realtor, etc)
*optional (scoring device)


Print and cut out individual lists, if you have a perforator due that step next.











Cut a backing board, stack together and clip (put backboard in clips too, just wanted to show you)











Poke three holes with an awl, screwdriver, needle, whatever works!








Thread everything together and tie in the back, place magnet on the back (mine was sticky on one side)
















I posted this kind of quickly, if you have any questions, let me know!


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