Liv’s Dedication


This past weekend was E.V.E.N.T.F.U.L! I am still recovering! We had guests staying with us, other family visiting, Liv’s Dedication, and I fed everyone! This is something I was really happy to do. I wish I could have done it with a bit more composure, less stress, but I guess that comes with practice. I also wanted the house to be spotless and well decorated. This hosting thing is something I saw my mom do over and over again growing up. I don’t think our house is quite cut out for it. It immediately felt tiny with guests. Unfortunately, Liv was neglected in the mix of it all, something I’m ashamed of.  I forgot to feed her once, she got her first diaper rash, and she fell off the bed for the first time (something I told myself I need to say in order to keep this blog real).

Thank You to everyone who came and supported our decision to dedicate our little Liv to the Lord, promising to do our best to live the gospel out in our home and lives as parents. Your continued prayers for us as parents and for Liv are coveted.

Here are some photos of the weekend. I was too distracted by ‘tasks’ to remember to take pictures of lunch after church! Sad about that. I also didn’t get a good picture of Liv in her Sunday best, so I may need to dress her back up and get a good photo!

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