DIY Decorating!


I have been trying to find cheap ways to improve the comfy, cozy, charming-ness? of our home. We’ve done a lot of work, but of course a lot more could be done!

One project was to reuse a couple of old lamps. I broke our bedside lamps from IKEA (sad day). So we needed new ones. I thought the ones from our living room would work upstairs, but then I’d need new ones down here. We had a couple from our guest room that doesn’t exist anymore, but they weren’t the right color. I repainted them so they’d go well in our living room. The problems I’m having are with the lamp shades! I could have just bought new lamps for the cost of lampshades! The current ones do not allow much light to go through, and our last ones were much brighter. Their shade of yellow/brown also just clashes in here. So that project is still unresolved, but here are some photos anyway.

This is the lamp before painting, matched the guest room decor perfectly.

I light to use daylight bulbs, but this shade color makes it look gross!

Taped over what I didn't want painted.

Lamp base After

Lamp as is... not complete... I'm not happy yet.

Side Note: I have been looking for coasters that I like for YEARS. Finally, I just bought some rubber ones from Target and put them in a cigar ashtray. Cheap and pretty cool.

Doesn't the shade just ruin it?

















































My next project just fell in my lap this weekend, literally! Craig’s mom Lori had these canvases she’d intended to use, but hadn’t done anything with, so she asked me if I’d like them. Heck Yeah! I bought $15 in fabric (probably could have bought less, but I’m not too experienced in buying fabric) and covered them, and hung three in the living room with our canvases of photos from our wedding, and three upstairs in our bedroom. Here’s how they turned out.

Supplies: Stapler, Fabric, Canvases!
Finished Canvases!
Canvases on wall::Before
Canvases on wall::After
Close-up of canvases
Three canvases in bedroom
Close-up. They’re on Craig’s side, he hasn’t seen them yet, we’ll see if he notices them when he comes home tonight at 1am. : )

Back to getting ready for guests!


2 thoughts on “DIY Decorating!

  1. Amanda Dean

    I love your craftyness! I might have to steal that canvas/fabric idea :) AND…we have the exact same bed and bed-side tables! Except ours is the light, birch-wood color.

  2. Lezli Griffen

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!!! I love to decorate and be crafty as well! :-) I think we’re a lot alike, Leah! Which is why I need to come visit and see that baby girl and to spend time with the Seydel’s of course. Hope all is well. Miss your sweet little family!!

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