249 miles on I-80


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This past weekend, we got to go to Craig’s home for the first time in 6 months! We got to see family and friends, work, relax, play cards, eat, sleep, and GO ON A DATE!

I was terrible at capturing our time on camera. We finally got to introduce Liv to her Great Grandma Ort and Great Grandpa Rider. We got to see our friend Aaron and meet his sweet girlfriend Helena. We were also able to see our friends LisaGrace and Bryan Alsbury! I’m super sad not to have gotten pictures with these guys! It was good to see you friends!

Craig went to work with his dad Friday morning and it sounds like they worked nice and hard! I’m glad they got to spend some time together. Meanwhile, I went back to sleep when I put Liv down and neither of us woke up for our 10:00 feeding. Whoops!  I didn’t wake up until 11:00! Oh well, we got back on track later.

Friday afternoon, Craig and I went on our first date in… four months and two weeks. : ) We went back to where our first date was in Iowa City, Petland! Craig held a bird that LOVED him of course. And I got to play with a little puppy. A Yorkshire Terrier / Poodle mix. Adorable little guy. We also went for coffee/hot chocolate and played cribbage and to a movie! We saw “Life As We Know It”. It was good, but I cried pretty much through the whole thing. Maybe a movie about new parents dying and leaving their baby with someone else wasn’t the best idea for our first date away from Liv.

We taught Ted and Lori how to play 6 Point Pitch, and later taught Aaron and Helena how to play as well, so there were lots of games played which made for a happy Leah.

Looking forward to this weekend too. Livia’s being dedicated to the Lord at Core Community Church on Sunday. Friends and family will be coming together to celebrate with us. Speaking of, I have much cleaning and meal planning to do, I should probably  get to it!


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