18 Weeks Old


On Monday, Livia turned 4 months old. 18 weeks ago today she was born. What a life changing, glorious day that was. But time has FLOWN! I can’t believe it has been four months already. But everyday she changes, grows and learns something new I realize she is NOT a newborn anymore! More importantly, how much longer can I park in the “New or Expecting Mothers” parking spots? j/k.

We’ve noticed this week that Liv is changing. It is like she knew she hit the four month mark. She’s upped the volume of her chatter and her whines. She’s started to make sounds like a monkey when she’s whining and barking when she’s happy, it is quite strange. She’s not a quiet little girl anymore!

We didn’t do our homespun photoshoot this month, I seem to be an every-other month mom, so these are just a few from my phone. We have a check-up next week (not sure these are really necessary, but oh well.) Pretty sure she’s 95th percentile or possibly off the charts. She seems really long and close to 18 lbs I think! Gotta love her.

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