Weekend out of town!


We left Saturday morning for Mason City to go to our nephew Conrad’s 3rd birthday party. He is such a cutie and LOVED Liv. He just wanted to hold her hand! And Conrad seemed to really like our gift to him. I wish we could make it to more of those birthdays! We love ALL of our NINE nieces and nephews, promise you guys!

Playing at the church (supposed to be napping)

Michelle and the boys


Are you singing to me?

Adorable little 3 year old Conrad.

Yum! Frosting!

Thaddeus and Conrad with his sword and shield

We stayed overnight in a room with Craig’s parents. Don’t worry, we checked for bed bugs! We brought all the kids to the pool, including Liv. She did great! She acted like it was no big deal. Great job little one, made dad proud!


Not much napping and lots of swimming make for a tired girl.

The next day we hung out until church and then came home. Craig ran the sound board and I sang, it was great to see how things are going for the new church.

All the cousins on the couch

Side Note: (No pictures) I decided to try Gdiapers for traveling since you can reuse the outsides and pack less. I’m not convinced I like them. Maybe I’m just not fastening them tight enough, or maybe I need to use two inserts. I’ll keep trying.


2 thoughts on “Weekend out of town!

  1. Rachael

    leah- When I use g-diapers, I use a g-insert and the bum-genius new-born insert. The g-diaper insert alone was not enough. We used the disposable g-inserts a couple times and I really liked them- as much absorbency as a regular diaper.

  2. Michelle

    Leah, We are so glad you guys came and shared in the weekend fun!! I love all of the pictures you took and will probably use them on my blog too!!

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