What have we been doing?


I’m noticing that I blog in spurts… I’ll try to be more consistent.

I’ll give an excuse to this absence, even though it really doesn’t matter, you’re probably not sitting at home thinking “I wish Leah would blog already!”

Craig has officially switched to second shift. We’re on day 5 of it. We’re learning, adjusting… I just have to remember not to ask “Do you want to grill pork chops for dinner dear?” I think the hardest thing is going to home community without him… the group is helpful though. Liv was fighting her nap last night and pretty crabby the whole time, something daddy probably could have gotten her to sleep through.

But it has been beautiful outside, so Liv and I have done a little walking. Even if it is just down the strip mall sidewalk, or down the street to the Clines!

Miss Liv is doing great. Our schedule has been harder to stick to with dad home in the mornings though! It is tempting not to wake Liv up at 7 when she’s still sleeping and Craig is still sleeping!




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