While you were sleeping…


I couldn’t sleep last night. My wonderful daughter was sound asleep, so why is Mom awake!? I’ve never been good at turning my brain off and fall asleep. I feel like my brain has A.D.D ONLY when I’m tired and want to fall asleep. Anyway, last night I was thinking that we don’t use the pack-and-play in the living room anymore because Liv outgrew the changing station and bassinet on top and she naps in her room. I wondered if I would have room to rearrange the living room if I took it down. So, after a while (45 minutes) of not falling asleep, I went downstairs and got started. Two hours later, I had moved everything and decided to try and fall asleep again. It all felt like a dream when I woke up this morning. Here is the living room before and after.

Forgive the dead-ish pregnant lady, I couldn't find many BEFORE pictures

BEFORE. This was before we'd purchased the coffee table and side table, but you get the idea. Most recently, the loveseat was pushed back against the wall in the corner.

the right side of the room

the left side of the room

The view inside the living room from the stairs

The view when you walk in the door

This is the corner where the loveseat was.

We’ll see how long it stays like this. I’m not sure about it yet, but it was fun!

Craig’s hours have been long this week, so Liv and I have had extra amounts of quality time. This is the best I could do getting a picture of the two of us. I’m not to steady with the (phone) camera.


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