are we dog people?


So. This topic cycles in our house, does it in yours? Every once and a while we think about how great pets are. Craig grew up with animals around pretty much all the time I think. We love cats, but Craig is very allergic and there aren’t any (cute) non-shedding, hypoallergenic options. And since we live in town, outdoor cats aren’t an option. But we also like dogs, more specifically, small dogs. However, owning a dog is a big commitment! I’m looking to all of my readers (however many that is) who know us, to leave a comment on this post about your opinion of whether or not we are dog people, if we should get a dog, if now is a good / bad time to get a dog, good breeds for kids, good breeds for allergy sufferers, etc.

So here are my list of pros and cons of owning a dog:

Picking up Poop!
Taking it outside in the wintertime
Taking it on trips vs. finding a sitter vs. finding somewhere for it to stay
The expense of haircuts, medicines, food

Liv will learn to love/not be afraid of animals
The joy they bring and love they give
With Craig gone in the evening, and winter coming, a dog would keep me warm company and help keep my spirits up. I’m pretty terrible at being alone. I have beautiful, sweet Livia most of the time, but she naps and sleeps too!

So leave your comments!

And here’s a couple recent pictures of Liv, for good measure!


9 thoughts on “are we dog people?

  1. I’m not fond of dogs, so I don’t feel qualified to offer any thoughts on whether a dog would be a good fit for your family. However, I know that my brother and his wife chose to get a wheaten terrier because it is a good dog for people with allergies.

  2. We have a shih-tzu and in fact Thaddeus & Michelle have been dog-sitters for us on a few occasions. My family has had shih-tzus for 20 years. We started getting them b/c they are hypo-allergenic and great for families. Mine & my husband’s dog, Chino, is a little on the hyper side, but the other three shih-tzus I’ve had are very laid back, rarely bark, etc. Chino is that way too, but he seems to be unique in the sense that he does bark more often than the others, and has more energy than other shih-tzus I’ve known. Anyway, we got ours before we had our baby, so it was good preparation for a baby! (up in the night going potty, etc.). He is a great asset to our family and I like having him around especially when my husband is gone overnight. In regards to cost, obviously it is another expense, but our dog is the cheapest living thing in our house! (we don’t have any plants…haha). We buy food in bulk about once a year; he gets groomed every 2-3 months; he gets shots once a year; and we give him Frontline and Heartgard during the summer months. He did get neutered as a puppy too. Like I said, it is an added expense, but it’s really not that bad. Because he’s a small breed, he doesn’t eat a ton (about 1-2 cups/day). Our dog loves the baby, and I’m sure yours would too, since your baby came first. In regards to traveling/finding a dog-sitter, we do travel as much with our dog as we can, but when we go somewhere once or twice a year where we can’t take the dog, we have had friends watch the dog (i.e. Thad & Michelle :) Usually it’s not too big of a deal to find a sitter, but it’s just one more thing to do in preparation for those particular trips. Let me know if you have anymore questions. We LOVE our dog!!

  3. Justin

    I’m sorry to say that my doggie wasn’t feeling well last night and told us by leaving a mound of … information… on the basement floor.

    And what I’m trying to say is – I have a dog you can have.

  4. Amy VandenBosch

    Okay, so I don’t know you guys well enough to know if you are dog people, but I thought I would mention some things. We have a standard poodle (45lb) totally non-allergic, her hair is like people hair, grows until we cut it. We love her to pieces! But some things you might want to consider are for one, many small dogs bark a lot (especially terriers). Our dog doesn’t bark a lot but she barks LOUD. And so I spend Carolyn’s nap time trying to make sure our dog doesn’t bark at something. Also, puppies chew stuff up, our dog had grown out of that phase until she discovered baby toys/pacifiers. Also, If you try to kennel train your puppy it might cry through the night and wake up the baby. Or maybe you plan on it sleeping with you. (I can’t do that because any wiggling, licking or rustling keeps me awake). I think a puppy would be awesome company but I personally would be overwhelmed with a new puppy and baby right now. It sounds like Liv is a pretty easy baby though so you might be just fine :)

  5. Rachael

    First- look at how BLUE Liv’s eyes are!

    Second- there are lots of ups and downs to dogs. I think a mid-sized dog (spaniel sizeish) would be nice because little dogs do bark a lot. I also think you should look into a dog that is at least a year old, because the first 1-2 years of puppyhood can be soooo hard. I still maintain that the first year of Bud’s life was harder than a baby. I really mean it- he was SO naughty. We just couldn’t do puppyhood again, and that is why we got Jenny at a year old instead of looking for a puppy. Also- look into getting a mutt, because pure-breads have a increased chance of disease (esp. if you buy them at at a pet store, because they usually get them from puppy mills). If you have a sick or allergic dog, then you have A LOT more medical bills. You can get really nice mutts at a shelter, and usually they have them fixed when you buy them, so that would save you $$. Also- consider a non-shedding breed. Jenny’s hair just about drives me crazy, and with a baby on the floor, it would be nice to have it cleaner.
    We love our Jenny, but I often feel guilty that she doesn’t get all the love she wants- with 3 kids, she just isn’t that high up on the totem pole. But Lance gives her lots of love, so that helps. If you really want some good ideas on breeds and where to find a nice, “used” dog- email my sister- she really is an expert (and she it is her favorite hobby). She has picked out multiple awesome pets for friends and family members.

  6. Beth Levy

    Hi Leah! We have a cat, but I grew up with dogs and a bunch of my friends have them. I agree with Rachael. It seems like getting a 1-2 year old dog from the Humane Society or another resuce blends into family life much easier than a puppy! But puppies are so cute and soft. :) Good luck!!

  7. Leah – I can totally relate to you on this one! I say get a dog so you can have friend :) We had a lhasa/cocker spaniel for one day (Aaron was allergic. Long story.) and she was awesome – cuddly, no barking. I will keep watching for an update :)


  8. Okay, 1: I love love love the pics of Liv!
    2: I really want a dog, and have for about a year or so. I’ve never had one, so I spent my entire pregnancy doing research on a variety of breeds.
    I had it narrowed down to a Xolo (mexican hairless) or a Whippet (smallish greyhound).
    Then the baby came.

    For me, I know I want to wait until Griffon is a couple of years old before I introduce anything new to our family. He just takes all of my attention right now and I want to be able to do obedience training and maybe even coursing or agility training with any dog we get.

    Let me know if you decide to go forward with your doggie plan. I will probably need advice when we get ready to “puppy-up” our home! :)

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