9/11/01 & 9/11/10


9/11/01 will always be an “I’ll never forget where I was when the twin towers went down” day. But this 9/11 was a happy day! Liv turned 3 months old! Sure, that doesn’t really mean a whole lot. Maybe not that much has changed, but we’re thankful and celebrating every milestone. Our friends who had little baby Rachel, had a little scare and spent some time in the NICU. I’ve been thanking God for our healthy little (actually kinda big) girl. I failed at doing a 2 month photoshoot. I’m still trying to forgive myself for that. But today I did a short 3 month session with her. Until she cracked and it was naptime.

Just for reference: One Month:

Three Month:

Road to the end of the photoshoot:

Liv, you’re growing up so fast! You’re so much fun. I love spending the days with you and miss you when you’re napping. You’re sleeping between 6 and 8 hours at a night, which has been great, but means you’re a big girl! I was thinking last night about how you haven’t really started to laugh yet. I thought maybe you know how, but you just don’t find Daddy and I very funny! : )

Love you daughter!


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