Labor Day Weekend


We left Thursday after Craig got off work and drove as far as Sioux Falls, to my sister’s house. The next day we took off for a family reunion to:

We had a really great time. It was nice to get away. Craig found out Saturday that he didn’t have to come in to work on Monday, so we stayed an extra night! Unfortunately, we didn’t really take many pictures. Thanks Uncle Clint for sending yours! Here are some of the things that took place.

  • Walking. We were at this campground/resort thing. Our cabin was up this hill, so we got our workout!

  • Driving… I suppose that didn’t happen at the reunion, but it had to happen to get there! And it was a good trip. We did lots of singing, laughing and listened to more chapters of this book.
  • A lot of trying to figure out who people were. Mostly little cousins who I hadn’t seen in probably 10 years… so they’d aged, hit puberty, had spouses, had children of their own… you get the idea.
  • Bean Bag toss tournaments. Turns out I’m terrible and Craig is pretty good. Who’d have guessed that? j/k
  • Lots of eating.

Sister: Larissa, Brother: Lance, his wife Rachael, Craig and I

  • Lots of time with my siblings and their families.
  • Pitch tournament. Pitch is huge in my family, something I’ve been playing since a child. I was the winner! People think it was a fluke I think. It may have been, I don’t know. But I had fun! As I was going to sleep that night I realized that none of the men at the tournament congratulated me. Only women… does that say something about the competitive nature of men maybe?
  • Golfing. I didn’t, but the men did. I hear it was a good time.
  • Showing off our little girl. We don’t even have to try, she’s such a sweetheart.
  • Family church service. I’m glad the aunts & uncles decided to do this. Uncle BJ talked about family and the importance of passing your faith on to the next generation. Thanks BJ, you did a great job!
  • Boating / Tubing / Wake-boarding. I did not wake-board, but Craig did for the first time! I failed to get a picture though darn it! Great job dear, I’m proud of you! Thanks for bringing your boat Clint!

This little one was GREAT on the boat! She had some great naps : )

So I put her swimsuit on and a swim diaper. I was thinking we were going to take her to the pool, but we never got around to it. So on the boat she peed and the diaper didn’t hold any of it, (I guess that is the point of a swim diaper?)  It did hold the poop thankfully, but I didn’t bring her another outfit, so she rode back like this:

Larissa, Dad & Mom

Nieces & Nephews: Jack, Kate, Claire, Fisher & Gus

The "tube"... or Loveseat : )

Our first ride on the new boat. Babe slept the whole time in the Moby.

The weekend was exhausting though!

This was half way through a feeding after she slept her first eight hour stretch!

She has slept through the night twice since this night. I’m not going to say it is a sure thing, but it has been pretty great! Here’s Liv sucking on her fist, a new past-time of hers. (I watch closely to make sure she doesn’t get her thumb. I was a thumb sucker WAY TO LONG and don’t want that for her.)

That was a wonderful, long weekend! It was good to get home though. I think those late nights playing cards caught up with Liv though!


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