Our Monday


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Yesterday was kind of a busy day for us. I knew I’d be gone most of the afternoon, so I tried to get lots of things done around the house in the morning. Then after Liv’s 10:00 feeding we got ready to go. We were having lunch at noon with some other Bradley class moms. (Yes, it takes me about 1.5 hours to get out of the house and get anywhere!) We had a good time visiting with Liv’s friends Carolyn, Asher, Roza and Landon and my friends Amy, Meribah, Shauna and Molly. Here is the couch picture of the babies that were there. So fun to see them grow and change.

After we had lunch, we headed to little Rachel’s house. Unfortunately, yet fortunately, Liv slept the entire time we were there, so she didn’t get to see baby Rachel, but I did! And I got to hold the little peanut. I didn’t take any photos there though! Darn it!

Then we came home and hung out with daddy. He played a new game with Liv, (video coming soon.) She really liked it!

And then daddy gave us the news. He’s going to second shift. It is a promotion, I keep reminding myself of how great that is and to be proud of him and excited for him. My fears are keeping him from being as excited about it as he could be. CONGRATULATIONS DADDY! WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU! The whole transition will take a few weeks, so in the mean-time, we’ll be cherishing our evenings with him!

We must have had a big day because last night Liv slept 6 hours straight before I woke HER up at 4:30am to eat. I seriously considered not waking her up to see just how long she’d sleep, but I needed to feed her. ;) We’ll see how tonight goes. I think she’s caught a cold.


3 thoughts on “Our Monday

  1. Lori

    She is growing up so quickly! If it’s not too much trouble, could you send me a copy of the photo with Liv smiling and the caption “She loves her papa.” Thanks!

  2. Michelle

    Yeah for Craig’s promotion!! I’ll be praying for you Leah during this transition. Remember that it is just a phase and you’ll get through it!! When I look back now at Thaddeus’ time working 3rd shift and being a stay at home dad while I worked 1st shift, I think we were so crazy… but at that time his sacrifice in working 3rd shift was financially what we needed and even though it felt like we were growing apart b/c we never saw each other, we really grew so much closer!!
    Love the pics of Liv, can’t wait to see you guys again!!

  3. Ahh!! GREAT PICTURES! :-) She melts my heart. I’m really going to miss Liv stories, videos, and pictures. :-( Ugh, it makes me so sad. I’ll have to come and visit you guys and keep up with your blog so I won’t be completely missing out.

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