New* Toys


TOY #1: This jumper was given to us by a lady at my work. It was her grandkids, thanks Jan! There is a setting that requires you to jump in order to keep the noises going and she’s learning quickly how that works. : ) She likes the lights too, if you stand by it and try and get her attention you won’t have much luck unless you light up too! ;)

TOY #2: We splurged on this activity gym. I probably should have registered for one. They’re not cheap! But little Liv loves it, so it was worth it. : ) I’ve already noticed how easily things switch from spending money on yourself vs. spending money on your children. Anyway, this is great for after I feed her and she needs some awake, play, stimulating time. After a while she starts this whiney cry and I know she’s had enough and it is naptime.

*side note: It is amazing how much color has been added to our lives with the addition of baby things!

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