Livia Alicia’s 2.5 month old personality


Since this is our first child, I’m not exactly sure what is normal baby personality and what is specific to Liv. I’m also not sure when you are supposed to start to seeing bits & pieces of their personality, but by reader request (yes, did you know you can request a topic for my next post?!) I’m writing about little Liv’s personality.

Liv is so laid back. I tried to tell my family that, but when we traveled to see them, she wasn’t so laid back… she knew we were away from home. But she really is! People say that is because Craig and I are laid back. I initially thought it was because of the pain killers I was on after my c-section, but she’s continued her coolness long after the pills! She is (usually) easily soothed. She loves to sit with us on the couch and chill. And not sit on our laps, sit next to us! She has been trying to sit up since birth. From the start she was tucking her chin, since that’s probably all the muscle she had. But as soon as she could, she’s been sitting up (still assisted or propped).

Liv might be a worrier. (can you be laid back AND be a worrier?) I’m hoping she’s not a worrier, because that is a trait she’d have gotten from me. And I’m hoping that is not the only trait she gets from me! She has some great worry eyebrows and worried faces.

I think Liv is a lover. She has these big (still blue) eyes that look at you with love. This might just be the parent/baby dynamic, but I see her love even though she can’t communicate it yet. She smiles with her eyes, does her little side grin like she’s flirting with you. Such a sweet girly girl, melts daddy’s heart.

That is really all the personality traits I can see so far. She’s getting more curious, but that’s just a baby thing I think. She’s a good sleeper, I suppose that’s not true of all babies! Speaking of sleeping. She’s sleeping in her carseat right now as I type this at  Panera, and I was watching her make faces as she sleeps. I love when she smiles when she sleeps. I wonder what she’s thinking about. She’s started grabbing her pacifier and taking out of her mouth, and sometimes getting it back in! She’s found her ears and has been grabbing them a lot, and rubbing her eyes. The other night she had grabbed ahold of her dress and was holding it up so she could see it and was staring at it, it was pretty cute. And then she was watching her feet as she kicked them. Just becoming more aware. Love her to pieces. We started playing with a couple new toys too,  when I get home I’ll post some pictures. Promise.


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