Our Man


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This post is long overdue. Did you know that Liv and I share love for the most amazing man? It’s true, we both love the same guy. He’s funny, he’s handsome, he’s sweet, he’s hard working, he loves Jesus, he loves us, he loves to be with us, he’s strong, he’s wise, he’s patient, he stays up with us until our late evening feeding even though he has to get up early, he helps around the house, he changes diapers, but more so – he sprays them!

I love him a lot. And even though Liv loves him now, as she gets to know how great he is, she’ll love him more. She’ll just have to put up with a lot of pestering, tickling, and scaring. : )

I love him for all of these reasons and so many more. He brings so much strength and joy to my life.

And for all these reasons, I hate to see him down. I hate to see him unhappy. The guy would pick up garbage 24/7 with his teeth if that’s what it took to provide for his family. And thankfully, he doesn’t have to do that. God has given him the skills and abilities to work at a decent place that allows him to come home to us at the end of the day. Unfortunately, his current (last eight months) placement  has him at the end of his rope, where he can’t do his best, because his work is dependent upon the willingness of other people. This doesn’t work well for a guy that likes to work and work and work until the job is done. At the end of his day, his job isn’t getting done. I am frustrated just thinking about it, and I don’t have to live it everyday.

So here comes the bomb. A phone call I received over lunch from him three weeks ago (not exactly verbatim) Craig: My boss talked to me about a promotion. Leah: That’s awesome, last time we had to beg to get you moved around. Craig: It’s even in D-Pal. (I’m not even sure what ‘D-Pal’ stands for, but I know it is an area he’s been in and likes.) Leah: Sweet! Craig: It’s second shift. Leah: silence (tears)

And since that day, that has been our topic of conversation. We’ve been praying about it and weighing the pros and cons. Craig wants to be sensitive to how this would change my life, and I want to give Craig the freedom to get out of where he’s at and move to a job he’d enjoy. THE GUY’S WILLING TO STAY IN HIS DREADFUL STATE IF I ASKED HIM TO. What a guy.

So, you say, “Stop being selfish Leah and tell him to take the second shift job! He’s husband of the year, he deserves this!”   It’s true.

I fear evenings and bedtime without him. I fear living a second shift schedule, I’ve never done that. I fear him never seeing his friends because the rest of the world is on the opposite schedule. I fear having to join a new home community. I fear the deficit in our budget if he doesn’t take the promotion. But most of all, I fear the sadness and tiredness of Craig if he stays where he’s at.

So… anyone want to get dinner? My evenings might be freeing up.

We love you Craig.


6 thoughts on “Our Man

  1. LisaGrace

    Oh, this makes me cry, but mostly happy tears, because I know that you both love each other so much and more importantly love and trust our GREAT God so much. This is definitely doable.

    The great thing is, you have a new baby Leah, so you’re up in the middle of the night too : ) You can be thinking and praying for Craig and being an awesome wife!

    I will be praying for you guys, and I love all three of you!

    • leahseydel

      LisaGrace, (I was going to put LG, but both commenters names are LG, so that might get confusing.) First, thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting. Secondly, thanks for praying. I will let my blog world know what happens.

  2. Lezli Griffen

    Leah, you might be the sweetest, most wonderful person I have EVER met!!!

    This post makes me cry too. For the reason that I work with Craig daily and understand how he feels too. Although, I imagine his job is ten times more annoying. It is very difficult to see him be such a dedicated, hard worker (and not be happy) but it seems his job is never ending.

    I pray for you guys as well. In my job search, I’ve searched for Craig too. :-) I do know that he loves you two so very much. It makes me smile to answer your phone calls at work–to say, “Craig, it’s your wifey” and he gets SOOO EXCITED!!

    I love coming to work everyday because I get to see pictures of beautiful Liv and hear all the fabulous stories of the Seydel family. :-) So although he is unhappy in his current position and not thrilled about the 2nd shift change. I do know that you two beautiful girls make him the happiest guy ever!!

    So chin up, girl! You’re in my prayers, all of you. God has a plan for you and your family.

    • leahseydel

      Lezli, Thanks for reading and commenting. I was a little nervous about anyone at Craig’s work reading this, because I know he tries really hard to stay positive at work. Thanks for your support and for loving our little Liv. Hopefully Craig will have time to take a lunch soon so we can visit. : )

  3. Rachael

    Ok- I love your post Leah. What a hard decision to make. You are such a sweet wife. BUT I LOOOOVE that picture of Liv looking at Craig. She looks like an irresistible, adorable little bug! I just want to squeeze her! so cute! :)

  4. Meg

    Wow leah. What a hard decision! You are definitely doing the right thing by staying positive and giving Craig the opportunity to enjoy being at work. God is so going to reveal his purposes for this life change. (Maybe a sweet God-sharing opportunity for Craig on second shift??) Anyway, I love you three! I’m sending prayers your way!!

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