Full-Time Mom, Trophy Wife, Stay-at-home Mom, Housewife…


That’s me. I worked my last day yesterday at FNC. It was bittersweet. The people are SO nice there and I liked helping them out. But as I left people were telling me I was making the right decision. Yet last night after feeding Liv at 1:30am, I had trouble falling back to sleep because of the thoughts Satan was putting in my head of making a mistake by stopping working there. I’m nervous, as I was about entering every new stage of life. But the coolest thing happened. As I got in my car after work and drove to pick up Liv from my friend’s house, two songs came on the radio that brought me to tears, and reassured me that we were making the right decision for our family.

Song #1 was Sanctus Real’s new single ‘Lead Me’. Though it is a song from a husband, the message rang straight out of my heart, the importance of my marriage and family. If you haven’t heard it, go to their website and listen to it, now!

Song #2 was Daughtry’s ‘Home’… “I’m going home, to the place where I belong…I don’t regret this life you’ve chose for me” Are you serious God? Thanks for the reassurance! (btw, I know that is not what Daughtry wrote the song about, but at that moment, it was for me!)

Today was Liv’s 8 week check-up, she’s 2 months old!!!! It went well. Her hips are fine and she’s over 12 lbs. They didn’t tell me her length and I forgot to ask, so I’ll have to measure her myself later.


2 thoughts on “Full-Time Mom, Trophy Wife, Stay-at-home Mom, Housewife…

  1. Lezli Griffen

    Good for you, Leah! :-) I’m so happy for you. I wouldn’t want to miss a moment of that beautiful babygirl’s life either. She’s a very lucky baby.

    It brought tears to my eyes reading this post when you said you heard the daughtry song, how cool!!!

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