Parent / Child Perspective


I was staring down lovingly at Liv yesterday wishing she could show affection.
It would make all the work we do for her worth it… right?

Then I (more like the holy spirit) realized the similarity of Liv & I’s relationship to mine with God. God is staring down at me lovingly, longing for the day that I will show Him affection.
The difference is that he doesn’t think that it would make all He’s done for me worth it. That sinful thought came from me. He only longs for the love for the sake of the relationship.

And when Liv can show affection, she probably won’t. At least not always. And that is exactly where I’m at with the Lord. I have the ability to show love, but don’t always use it.

The great thing is I will ALWAYS love Livia and God will ALWAYS love me. And I understand this all a little more because God chose to bless us with a daughter. Thanks God!


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