4 Weeks Old


Well I started this post when she was 3 weeks… sorry I haven’t been bloggy lately. At her 2 week well-child check-up we found out she’s gained one pound past her birth weight, and grown 1/2 inch! Great progress little one!

This week we both caught daddy’s cold and have been sucking out snot, sneezing and trying to coordinate breathing out of her nose. I’ve also had on my brain a piece of advice a coworker told me: “Don’t start anything you won’t want to continue.” Thanks Erin! I am remembering that as I debate the use of a pacifier, how to get our little bean to sleep, things like that.

Some things we’ve noticed and love about her: the sounds she makes (she’s grunting more all the time), her sideways yawn, remember?! (the only yawn she has), how she is determined to hold her head up (and successfully does for minutes before getting tired and flopping her head back down), her pouty cry (usually makes me smile… probably not what she’s going for), her little feet, her adorable dimples (too bad we only see those when she’s pouting), how she’s most comfortable with her hands up by her face, how and when she looks up at us with her big eyes, how much of a cuddler she is, I could go on and on!

Some things we’ve noticed and don’t love… the 9pm – 12am awake time… that’s all really. I dread night time, I used to love going to sleep! But like it says in a book I got from a friend:
“When the baby keeps you awake all night, remember you will have a lifetime to catch up on your sleep. But you’ll never have this night with your little one again.” Thanks Carol!

We’ve had some visitors (Thanks Meg! Thanks Parents!) but I haven’t been very good at getting pictures. Sorry about that, but here are a few pictures of her lately. (I wanted to put up a couple videos, but haven’t figured out how to use the ones from my phone yet.) Sorry about all the sleeping pictures, but that is the easiest time for me to get pictures! And she’s just so cute when she sleeps. Notice her hands?!


2 thoughts on “4 Weeks Old

  1. Kiley

    What cute pics of your little angel. :)
    I heard that too – “Don’t start anything you don’t want to continue” – and while I think partly that is true, I also think it is NOT true and can put unnecessary pressure on new parents. When Avery was a newborn, we did lots of things (like giving her a pacifier to get her to sleep, holding her on our chest for an entire nap, letting her sleep in our bed, etc etc) that we don’t do now. So keep that in mind, too. In my opinion, (and this is what someone told me) do what you have to do the first couple of months to stay sane and get a few zzzs, then worry about those things later. Okay, my two cents for the day!

    • leahseydel

      THANK YOU Kiley! For balancing out my advice. : ) I am easily swayed and will believe about anything if I think someone knows more than me. So I appreciate hearing from a new mom a few months ahead of me! Be sure I’ll have more questions for you for the next EIGHTEEN YEARS!

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