a venting post


So, this blog is a great place to get some pictures up of beautiful Liv, but it may also be a place I come to vent… I try to live my life forthright and honestly with my heart on my sleeve for all to see. Sometimes this proves to be a difficult way to live, but I think most people appreciate people being true. So with life comes beautiful things like Liv, and ugly things like the hospital bill. And here-in lies my topic for this posting.

Technically we haven’t received the bill yet. We received the “Detailed List of Hospital Charges”. We knew with a c-section, it was going to cost more than if we’d been able to have a natural childbirth. Major surgery, extra days in the hospital, etc… it was going to add up. But we never would have guessed it would be as much as it is. I mentioned in an earlier post that Craig referred to it as “Hotel UNMC”. Well this would be the most expensive hotel we have ever stayed at!

Firstly, the unsuccessful ECV was over $2,500. $300 of that was a shot in my butt! haha, the most expensive shot in my butt ever! : )
Secondly, the c-section and four days at the hospital is over $12,000. Almost $2,000 to sit in the recovery room for 2 hours while we waited for a room to get clean and no one attended to me.  And I haven’t figured out yet if I was charged for the morphine that laid in a pool on the floor instead of killing my pain.
And lastly, Liv’s bill, $1,700.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with UNMC, and am thankful for their services. I just think the costs are outrageous. We’ll see what comes back to us after it goes through insurance. I can’t imagine not having insurance…

I really wouldn’t mind paying… if I could pay it! She’s worth every penny. It is just that we can’t. So here’s to hoping insurance will come through in a big way. We know God will help us find a way to pay!

And lastly, a cute little girl to brighten everyone’s day!


2 thoughts on “a venting post

  1. Jed

    I hear you on the outrageous hospital bills. One problem we had is that they kept running it through our insurance as an out-of-network provider, even though it should have been a preferred provider. I had to keep calling them and correcting it. So that’s something to keep an eye on.

  2. Rachael

    It is shocking, isn’t it? Because we were able to pay our bill all at once, they took 15% off what we owed- you could ask about that. We ended up paying the deductible (1,000) plus 20% of the bill, up to a max of another 1,000, so in total we had to pay $2000, and my charges were similar to yours (except the ECV). I suppose it depend on what your deductible/ out of pocket max is. Good luck!

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