Busy First Week!


So here’s a recap of some of the things we did this week:

Monday – Stopped at Walgreens on our way home from the hospital to get my scripts filled. She pooped and needed to eat in the 20 minutes we were there waiting! Got home in time for dinner and get settled in for the first night at home!
Tuesday – Daddy went to work, we hung out at home and later on we all went to our Bradley Class Reunion. Below is a picture of the four babies who’ve joined us so far! Can’t wait to meet the rest!

Everett, Carolyn, Oliver and Liv

Wednesday – Daddy went to work, we hung out at home, later we all went to Home Community to meet the people who’d been praying for us and for Liv for a long time!
Thursday – Daddy went to work, Grandma Lori came to stay with us for a bit. We had our first bath!

She doesn't love the water yet, but if I know her daddy, she'll love it soon.

Isn't she just too cute?

Poor kid

Daddy will make it all better

Friday – Lori took Liv and I to visit Craig at work. She pooped while one girl was holding her, not very nice to poop on the one giving you presents! Too early to teach her that lesson I suppose.
Saturday – Craig went to work, Lori and I ventured out to do some quick shopping.

She was a trooper, til she got hungry!

Sunday – Church and rest! Boy, that was a big week huh Liv?!

Big Yawn!


4 thoughts on “Busy First Week!

  1. AmyJo

    Yay! You used the tub! I was just thinking of and praying for you when I saw the new post! You are doing GREAT- keep it up. Love the updates!

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