Our Birth Story


As our Bradley teach says, ‘Everyone is entitled to their own birth story.”

We got together as a class again on Tuesday. Classes are over, and half of us have had our babies and we’re anxiously awaiting the rest. But we got together to see the little ones and share our stories. As the first three shared, or had shared in prior weeks, they all had natural deliveries. Duh right? That’s the point of the class?! Well, we then got around to us, and everyone knew we had a C-Section (4 days prior) so our story was a bit different. I had Craig share, because the hormones the whole darn thing still makes me cry, including now.

In Liv’s baby book, I wrote about “choosing” to have a C-Section. I told her that I’d do whatever it took to bring her to us safely, and that is what we did. Though, I feel like I did not choose “the section” as all the nurses and doctors called it. God chose that route for us, and that was best for us, I can trust that. So here’s how our day went:

Got up at 5am and got ourselves ready and loaded to head to UNMC
*side note: we had to return a redbox movie on the way because we’d rented one to watch before falling asleep to distract ourselves and hopefully actually get some sleep. It worked, but kind of a funny detail.

Checked in at UNMC at 6am, answered the same questions over and over again. No, I do not have any allergies to food or drugs!

This is when I lose all track of time…

I was taken into the recovery room, where I’d return to later to recover…
I was prepped in there. They checked Liv’s position to make sure she hadn’t made the flip, no such luck.
I was given my IV by a lady that said she’s “a messy IV giver.” Which she was…
Craig came over to support me, but he came over to my IV side, and it didn’t take long and he handed me his kleenex and walk out. I didn’t think much about it because I think I was being asked all these questions for paperwork. But he then came back in and apologized for leaving. He was white as a ghost and grabbed a pop-tart and was given water. I then knew why he left, poor guy doesn’t do well with IVs. To quote the movie the Italian Job, he “had a bad experience.”

I met so many different doctors and nurses. Every time someone would come in and ask if I’d met Dr. So & So, I’d just be like, I have no idea!?
And each one I met, I think I cried in front of. I think everyone got the idea that I wasn’t too excited about the whole C-Section thing.
I met the anesthesiologists, they were nice.
*side note: One of the anesthesiologists said he and his wife did the Bradley stuff, or were going to, or read the book, or something. I thought it seemed ironic that HE wasn’t willing to give his wife a spinal, but I was supposed to be okay with it.
Anyway, then Ted & Lori came… this was about 7am I think? and guests weren’t technically allowed yet or in the recovery room, but because there wasn’t anyone else really in labor & delivery yet that morning or because they thought I was going to lose it at any minute, they let them come back and hang out with us for a while. It was a nice distraction for a bit. Then, something was about to happen that made me decide it was time for them to go. I don’t remember what that was.
Craig and I had some laughs about his outfit and my silly hat I had to wear, and waited until the O.R. was ready.

my lovely surgery cap

Then Kate, one of my midwives came and offered to scrub up and come into the operating room while they prepped me for surgery. That was really nice because Craig couldn’t be in there during all that and she was a nice distraction.
From the time they brought me into the room, until I was stitched up and the doctors were done was 26 minutes. Liv was born at 9:07am
I was a little out of it during surgery, but yet remember it all pretty well. They brought Craig in as soon as the curtain went up and they were pretty much ready to pull her out. They called for dad to come look and he told me it was a girl.
He went with her to the nursery and I was stitched up.

Craig holding hands with his little girl

Craig brought her back to me and I got to see her and give her kisses.

first time seeing my sweet little girl

Then I was taken back to my recovery room where I shook with chills, breast-fed Liv, and listen to my roommate have an ECV. I felt her pain, as I had just tried that a week ago. Hers was not successful either, but she seemed more okay with the idea of a c-section.
The nice nurse had me wait longer for my final destination room, so I could be put in one of the larger ones since I’d be staying there for a while. So we waited a bit for the room to get cleaned and ready, then I was wheeled in there.

Sorry this is such a long post! Almost done!

We didn’t take any photos of visitors, but we had a lot of them. That was the second rule we broke. Actually the second, and third, maybe more! You were only supposed to have 5 at a time, but we had more than that more than once! And they weren’t supposed to visit long, but that is up to us, so that’s okay. Thank you to everyone who visited!

Another rule we broke during our stay at Hotel UNMC, as Craig likes to call it, were when we went for a walk (encouraged) with our baby and our friend Jude. Jude held Liv while we walked (not encouraged) not allowed actually, we’re supposed to be pushing her in her cart. They didn’t want someone to trip and fall and drop the baby.

The last rule we broke was me holding her and falling asleep. I was told during the night by a nurse that I had to put her back in the cart if I was going to sleep. I guess I didn’t listen very well because I was holding her again during the day and another nurse told me I couldn’t hold Liv if I was going to fall asleep. Because the hormones because this upset me very much… I cried. I know the nurse is just following orders, but really, I JUST WANT TO HOLD MY BABY!

So, I think that hits the highlights of the long weekend. We love this little one so much. I feel so lucky to be able to spend each moment with her, watching her, learning her, loving her. She’s such a wonderful baby too. Okay, I have to end this post, or none of you will come back!


4 thoughts on “Our Birth Story

  1. Kiley

    Oh Leah, your post made me cry. :) Liv is the first baby I’ve known who was born since mine… it makes reading birthing stories so much more fun!! I LOVE the picture of Craig holding Liv’s hand and the pic of you two kissing!! I’m SOOO happy for you, Leah. I cannot wait to meet her. Keep posting pics!!

  2. Hey Leah, thanks for posting your birth story. As you know, we have ourselves a little breeched one too, so it’s been nice to read your story and know what to expect, as we are on schedule for our c-section this coming week. I am SOOO excited to meet our little one!!!!

  3. whatskicking

    Hey Leah,
    I love love love your blog! Thanks for sharing your birth story here and at the Bradley reunion! I’ll continue to check in on your blog so I hope you keep posting.
    My husband Jerry is also pretty anti-facebook, and I have a blog on wordpress, too (whatskicking). He’s right, a full blog certainly has much more…soul. :)
    Can’t wait to hear how your family adjusts and expands with Livia!
    Alysen :)

  4. Amanda Dean

    Liv is beyond beautiful! I LOVE the photo of you seeing her for the first time, with her little face snuggled next to yours. What a precious moment! Congratulations again, she is truly a blessing.

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